Scotts on Crane Lake, Minnesota

...this is the place for it. Chains of lakes, rivers, islands, bays, cliffs, beaches, waterfalls, white granite and fresh water everywhere. Home of Voyageurs National Park, Canadian Queensland, and Quetico Provincial Park & Minnesota Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

Many new to the area start close by staying within Crane Lake. There is so much to discover, in just days most start checking out the vast and navigational buoyed chains of lakes. We at Scotts are happy to help you have fun here. We'll mark maps to assist in your fishing and touring adventures. Fishing, swimming, beaching, picnics, hiking, rock climbing, birding and viewing wildlife.

The resort property is a peninsula surrounded by water 3/4 of the property if lake shore. The bulk of our business comes from loyal repeat customers. This alone speaks volumes. People come to the area and make it part of their lives year after year.

... we look forward to your call.
Darrell & Carole Scott

7546 Gold Coast Road,
Crane Lake, MN 55725